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There are 7 rooms with last generation equipment. Cardiac monitoring, respiratory and anesthesia provide greater security for doctors and patients.
On the wide range of cirurgical procedures, Red Cross Hospital stands out for its pioneering. It was the first hospital in Brazil to execute, in 2005, the surgery for the heart valve replacement with the laparoscopic technique. The kidney transplantation with a living donor and prostatectomy laparoscopic radical, both by video, are also included on the pioneers procedures. The Materials Center, with modern equipment to disinfection and sterilization, allows the high reliability on the infections control.



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the team a full vision and fast tracking. Modernly designed, to intensify a speedy recovery and wellbeing, enables the patients to visualize weather changes: day, night, sun, rain. The ICU audacious project is part of a vision fully humanistic of Red Cross Hospital: Notice the patient beyond the need of healing drug and help him to maintain the tie with reality, even under intensive care.




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The patient full health is the Cruz Vermelha Hospital’s goal. As their basic needs regarding the clinical, is time to think about his comfort and security, which will guarantee a faster recovery. As for it, we count on modern and beautiful inpatient units.


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