foto historia fachada antigaFounded in 1947, the Parana’s Red Cross Hospital is one of the most important medical centers of the State.In 64 years of activities, the hospital has a history of tradition in good services provided to the community.

Parana’s Red Cross Hospital hosted the first Emergency Room of Curitiba and, for years, maintained the main pediatrics of the State, work that began in 1919, when provided health treatment to the children of Paraná. In 1920, the construction of the Children’s Hospital began, later called as Cesar Pernetta Children’s Hospital, in honor to the great pediatrician borned in Paraná, who served on the hospital.

By 1930, the institution was worried about empowering people for health care. In the same year, was opened the Mother’s School and the Nurse’s School. In 1935, Red Cross Hospital gave in the hospital to the Paraná Medical School.

historia cirurgia videoThe hospital increased and became reference in several procedures. In 2005, Dr. Jerônimo Fortunato Junior executed the first video heart surgery in Brazil and became national news. Therefore, the chapter of the need of chest’s large cuts to the exchange of cardiac valves ended, opening up new horizons for cardiac surgery also.



historia ciru prostaThe Hospital was the pioneer in performing laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, with Dr.Aníbal Wood Branco as the surgeon, he was also responsible for the first laparoscopic surgery on the State, which was for the removal of a kidney from a living donor in a kidney transplantation. These technological advances mean, besides the reduction of infections’ risks, a faster recovery and a very good esthetic result.

Red Cross Hospital complies with most of the medical specialties and has excellence recognized in high complexity procedures as kidney transplant, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, gastrointestinal surgery, including the obesity surgery.

historia inauguraIn 2006, the hospital inaugurated a new side, attached to the old headquarters, product of the partnership with Positivo University. The university needed a hospital where the medicine students could execute medical and surgical curricular training. The hospital must be expanded to be able to afford the high demand of patients, including the ones from other states. The partnership was perfect. Nowadays, students from other courses of the university, as pharmacy, psychology, nursing, nutrition and physiotherapy, also have the opportunity of work as trainees.

In 2008 was consolidate a partnership between the hospital and Curitiba’s city, so the hospital can provide service to the specialty and emergency demands on the health units of Pinheirinho and CIC, neighborhoods of Curitiba.

histria estrutura ccIn 2009 was inaugurated the surgical center revitalization, fully refurbished, with new equipment and room doctors. The main surgical room, was named “Future Room”, because of the equipment‘s technological innovations, which enables simultaneous transmission of the surgeries’ images, so students can follow it in the classrooms, in Red Cross hospital or any other hospital in the world, through telemedicine.

In 2009, inaugurated the Research and Scientific Studies Center, introducing another great contribution to the society.

In 2011, the hospital was recognized by the Health Ministry as School Hospital.